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~ Thursday  - Over the air ~

It’s been a while i haven’t listening to Thursday, but every time It’s a delightful moment.

It’s evolution baby!

One of the best animated video I’ve ever seen. Plus, this song is so powerful.

Hey Hey,  My My (into the black) ~live @ Farm aid, Illinois 1985

One of my favourite song ever

Do the send that stuff to France ?
Just got it today from my favourite local records dealer.
Happy as ever… Sounds really cool!

Mudhoney ~Live KEXP

Always on top, fan for so long. Delightful…

Song List:
Touch Me I’m Sick
I’m Now
The Final Course
Into The Drink
Who You Drivin’ Now
What To Do With The Neutral
I Don’t Remember You
Suck You Dry
The Only Son of the Widow of Nain


I love that, because of this show, I’m starting to work the phrase “move past it” or “we’ve moved past that” into my vocabulary. Its a really good phrase.

(Source: lawn-of-del-rey)

20 years = Yesterday.
I wonder if I will buy this stuff, but it reminds me that things are moving so fast.
35 years old now, and still in love with this music. My golden age era.
Fortunately some 90’s dinosaurs remain and still doing good records.

Alice In Chains ~Voices (The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here)

It took me a short while to deeply appreciate this new record.

Now I can say it’s a really good one. Cheers!

Refused ~my favorite punk rock band ever !

Megafaun ~ The longest Day

When you finally reach that peaceful moment of your day.

Magical, authentic, wonderful. Cheers!

My heroes ever.

That band meant a lot for me when I was only a teenager.

This movie reminded me a lot of great souvenirs.

So cool to be back in the 90’s.

Spent a nice moment to read this book.
Neil young is a really nice person, deeply humble with a kiddos megalomaniac touch on top. And a really great artist.

Cheers Mr. Young!

Queens of the Stone Age ~ Live on Letterman, 2013.Some won’t like their new materials…

An also fantastic sound test from NeoGeoFanatic of the Custom77 Push Me Pull Me Overdrive.


GEAR USED : Fender Stratocaster Standard USA 2007, Blackstar HT5R, no other pedal.